Jiji doesn’t know why we would ever ask her “what should be in your obituary?” Like, “for a funeral?!!” she asked. And it makes sense that she wouldn’t get it, because: the legend of Jiji will live forever. She aspires to figure out what she aspires to. She’s way more famous than the rest of us, and it’s probably because: A) she loves weird music, B) she says yes to everything, and C) she was a child prodigy (ok at least it’s one of those three). She’s worked with Jason Vieaux, Guli Bjornsson, David Starobin, Tessa Seymour, Ben Verdery, who, while we have no idea who they are, they’re probably incredible guitarists. Concerti have been written for her by Natalie Dietterich, Hillary Purrington, and Krists Auznieks. Jiji is “Wild Up Master of GIFs,” a meme-holic, and she’s our guitarist.

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