In Search of Julius Eastman

A portrait and response to one of our favorite composers. Here’s what we know: Julius Eastman was an activist. He was a young black gay man when it was even more difficult to be a young, gay, and black in America. He lived in academia and then ran a downtown experimental-disco. He died alone at 49 in Buffalo, New York. Most of his scores were lost and his music is having a renaissance as scholars and performers begin to canonize this genius.

There’s something about identity, and presence, and repetitive sound that makes us obsessed with Eastman’s music. It’s music that, we’ve found, lives in the minds of an audience unlike anything else Wild Up has performed. Through In Search of Julius Eastman we’ll discover the way to carry his music forward with an unforgettable immersive concert full of pieces by Eastman and living composers reacting to Eastman’s music.


  • 09.22.2019 A Portrait: Julius Eastman
    National Gallery Washington, DC More Info

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