We’re creating a fan club!

We want to TURN UP THE VOLUME Wild Up is creating an online fan community to keep the music making and connection happening outside the concert hall, year round.  We’re aiming for 300 fans in our first year, each paying just $5 a month, and adding 100 fans each year after so that Wild Up can build a fan base that’s CONNECTED, GLOBAL, and HAVING JUST THE BEST TIME.

Musicians will get

  • Financial support
  • Space to create
  • Unmediated exchange with fans

Fans will get

  • Exclusive content each month (access to early release material, artist Q&As, fun stuff about music and life: ideas that live outside the concert hall)
  • The knowledge that each dollar of their $5/month fan club subscription is going STRAIGHT to an artist.

We need your support to get started!

Our goal is to bring in fans at a low monthly rate ($5), which goes directly towards funding our musicians, who in turn create artwork delivered directly to the fans. But – while we build that fan club up – we need investors willing to help us get it off the ground.  We’re looking for people to commit to THREE YEARS of payments – decreasing each year – while the Fan Club grows.

Three Year Step Down Commitment

Investor support decreases, year-over-year as fans increase.
Investor support decreases, year-over-year as fans increase.

Your three year commitment would start at $250 per month ($3,000 in Fiscal Year ’21), then decrease to $166 per month ($2000 in Fiscal Year ’22), and finish at $83 per month ($1,000 in Fiscal Year ’23).

Will you help us GET ARTISTS PAID to MAKE WORK?

With 100% support from our board members, we will need SIX more investors so that we can kick off the club on August 1st with 3 musicians getting back to MAKING. From there, every two investors or 100 fans expands the pool of monthly artists involved by one.

For every 100 fans or 2 investors, we can add one musician making artwork for the fan club each month

Make a Pledge and Start Your investment Here

First Year Payment + Pledge Form

Your three year commitment starts at $250 per month (or $3,000 in Fiscal Year ’21), then decreases to $166 per month (or $2000 in Fiscal Year ’22), and finishes at $83 per month (or $1,000 in Fiscal Year ’23). This payment form covers the first year of your investment and asks you to pledge continuing annual commitment for two additional years.

$ 250.00

You have chosen to donate $250.00 monthly for 12 months.

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Donation Total: $250.00 Monthly for 12 months

Have questions or want to talk through a different way of investing in the Wild Up fan club? Email Christopher Rountree

Thank you for providing the jolt of electricity that can power the Wild Up fan club!