Jodie Landau and Wild Up | as I wait for the lion

Jodie Landau’s album with Wild Up on Bedroom Community was the culmination of a year of work. An international musical collaboration between us and the Icelandic all-female choir Graduale Nobili, who recorded and toured with Björk.

The project included a concert on August 30, 2014 at the historic Langholtskirkja church, followed by a series of recording sessions with Valgeir Sigurðsson, the founder of the seminal Bedroom Community, at his Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik. The concert and album feature original pieces from four Los Angeles-based composers. Shot inside an empty Reykavik apartment, an abandoned house amidst mossy mountains, and at the glorious waterfall, Skógafoss.

The video for “as I wait for the lion” was filmed by Victoria Sendra, and made in collaboration with director and performer Samantha Shay. At first, it is hard to tell these two performers, Jodie Landau and Samantha Shay apart. It may even take a moment to realize that there are two people in the video at all. As the video progresses, Samantha embodies a reflection of Jodie, perhaps to himself, perhaps to the world, as their duality reconceptualizes the searching and longing in Jodie’s lyrics.