We aim to bring you onto the stage with us, to our side of the music, and into our thinking about it. We want to be close with our audience  — the energy we share is why we love making music. 

Our dream is a full year of music every year. We want to change the ethos of new music-making on the West Coast. We want to open up classical music to give our city an un-rarified experience of our art form. An experience built around wonder, and the curiosity it inspires. Around listening, understanding, mindfulness, and resonance. A music practice built around the idea that joy springs from sharing.

And we need your help to make it happen!

Levels + Gifts

Donors receive all the benefits of all donation levels less than their gift 🙂



Positive Vibes Only aka Music is Everywhere aka The Sound of Laughter as Music

You’re going to give us $100, and we will give you five ping pong balls: that’s nuts! Let us explain: as you may have heard, we sometimes like to shower the public in ping pong balls that have positive aphorisms on them. You’ll get a number of these ping pong balls. And you’ll also know that with your $100 gift, you’re not only receiving the gift of these highly valuable affirmations, but also you’ll be giving the gift of life-affirming new music. Also, we’ll list you as one of our fans on the website.



You don’t live in LA!

It’s like you’re an in-town fan, but you don’t live here. Seriously, it was the greatest thing to hear someone live-streamed one of our shows while skiing somewhere in Vermont. You get everything above, and also one live digital show a year, led by someone in the band, for an extra buck — what a deal! 



Fan Club Hero

Proximity is the most important thing in our practice. Come hang out with us at two IRL events, including our yearly holiday party — where we talk, we argue, we share new music, and we beer taste (with our in-house band brewmeister). You’ll meet fellow fans, board members, and artists in chill vibes, park settings, and dank breweries alike. Also, we will send you a Wild Up hat or bag, your choice! 


Fan Club MVP aka Follow the Process 

Rehearsal is where the magic happens. Where we share ideas, where we gather and meet after long times apart, where we externalize our frustrations and joys in ways that we don’t have the opportunity to on stage. The rehearsal room is our favorite place to be, our space of family and joy — and we’re inviting you to join us there for a rehearsal. Also, we will send you a Wild Up hat AND bag!


Fan Club Czar aka Wild Up Social 

The thing we love about music is that it connects us. Sound is something that we can collectively bond through. When we design a show, we’re always asking ourselves how to bring people together around sound. We’re inviting you, Czar, to bring 6 friends to a Fan Club event.



Perspective Shifters aka Sponsor a Guest Artist

We serve our community by bringing in some of the best and most diverse artists from around the country. Guests change who we are. They expand our practice, they bring perspective to our work, and have a profound effect on our audiences.

Also, you’ll be able to invite twelve friends to a rehearsal, and we’ll bring pizza and beer.

And we’ll paint your name on a giant banner and hang it at the show. Truly.


Sounding Sponsor aka Sponsor a Concert

For years we’ve been a touring band — but our two series, Darkness Sounding, our flagship “drone music against the darkest days of the year” project, and Endless Season — our year-round series of shows in LA — have brought us home. These LA series are a beacon of LA’s voice that represents our city to the rest of the country.

You’ll be able to invite twelve friends to a rehearsal, we’ll bring the orange wine and baklava, you’ll be thanked in festival documentation, and we’ll paint your name on a giant banner and hang it at the show. Really. 


Open Score aka Sponsor a Chair for the Season

We’re heavily invested in works that are “open score” this means that anyone can sit in any chair and play the work. We don’t have instrument chairs: we have people. A brilliant array of people, some of whom play eight instruments in their one chair. 

This “Open Score” gift allows us to hire one musician four times in a season as we workshop new works, play chamber music, continue our hit Winter Festival “Darkness Sounding,” and gear up to launch our new Summer Festival. We all know that LA new music is so much better than that Brooklyn swill — but, seriously, we want to make LA’s new music the best, and this will allow us to do it.  

You’ll also get the “bring your friends to the rehearsal” treatment, but we’ll bring champagne, potato chips, and french onion dip. We will thank you in the documentation for the whole season, and we’ll paint your name, in gargantuan type, on a giant banner and hang it at the show. Not joking.

> $10,000

Onwards and Upwards aka Commissioning and Producing 

These are the gifts that can transform an artist’s life. They can transform an organization’s reach and impact. Let us take you to dinner and talk about it and change the world.

Write to to learn more.

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