Andrew Tholl

Andrew Tholl is like creme brulee: crunchy on top, but sweet inside. He is our Concertmaster. His tempi are slower than yours, his bowings won’t match yours, and he’s made us crunchier in all the ways that are good and only two of the ways that are bad. We are brutal in the way that we’re brutal because of Andrew. He’s notable for his incredibly one pointed focus. And, as Sir Laurence Olivier said, when asked “what’s the one thing an actor must have?” Olivier answered: “physical endurance.” Andrew Tholl can play with one pointed focus for hours, it’s otherworldly. He loves coffee more than the rest of us, which is saying something. When trying to describe Andrew, one must include that his tastes are so full fledged and refined that they cause a wellspring critique of self and others. Mostly: others. He’s worked with a host of famous people and played in important places, he loves his family, he’s a good guy. Why does this bio smell like creme brulee.

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