Claire Chenette

Claire! Has so much energy. She collects nature objects and ferments many things. It’s a farm life, kind-of, wherever it is that Claire can be found. She’s one of two Claire Oboes in Wild Up with principal oboe jobs in bangin’ orchestras, and she’s unbelievably legit at the oboe. Claire wants the world to be cleaner, she wants to practice more long tones, and wants to maybe one day own a small goat. She care-takes 40,000 bees and once wrote a space opera about reproductive justice among the stars. (Also, why haven’t we played that piece yet?) She makes really good reeds, identifies mushrooms with like 78% accuracy, and vigorously works on dance jams and jam dances. There are things fermenting near her, she’s not afraid of orchestral politics, and we’re so happy that she’s our oboist.

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