Derek Stein

Derek Stein looks like Jack Black. For this reason, he can (at a moment’s notice) sing all the parts of Tenacious D’s greatest hits (including those from “The Pick of Destiny” which is largely considered a flop.) A cellist from a lineage of cellists, he loved learning music from his dad. Derek’s a member of the Vitamin String Quartet and gnarwhallaby. He’s made music with Jon Brion, and Joanna Newsom, and recorded with Tenacious D. He’s played Carnegie Hall, and once had romantic relations with a woman named Thor under the Icelandic mists of the Skogafoss. Also he ate all the pizza in her fridge (true story), a legend that is now entered into the annals of Wild Up history. He’s the type of performer that is like a powerful eyeball electro-magnet, impossible to stop watching on stage, compelling a fiery ardor from a legion of fans. And he’s got the biggest heart in the band and uses it to really care a whole hell of a lot about other people. Derek is beloved by everyone.

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