Elizabeth Cline

Elizabeth Cline’s imagination runs rampant. Her pace is glacial — a velvet anvil falling fated-slow from heights beyond the infinite. She is a questioner of conventions par excellence, bringing every artist she works with, closer in contact to their true selves. As a creator and opera librettist, her wit — like a dog on a skateboard — traverses the waves of the human spirit. She once got married in the Ganges, traversing a five year spiritual pilgrimage that ended in the birth of a child. We’d say that she’s going to help us change Los Angeles in meaningful ways, but she’s already done that — making work at the Hammer Museum, Gamble House, LA State Historic Park, Bradbury Building, and with our colleagues at Machine Project and The Industry. Elizabeth has dedicated her career to supporting and advocating for interdisciplinary artists and artistic communities, her brilliance alive and actively transforming those groups into more open and flexible versions of themselves. She’s called us “a feeling — that feeling when people, sound, and site vibrate intricately for just moments.” Well Elizabeth, we think you’re a feeling too.

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