Erin Rogers

Erin Rogers refers to humans as Earthlings. She’s a doer and a seeker and she’s assured all of us that even in parallel universes, she’s already made friends with our alternate selves. Erin is a friend who always seems to have a look like she knows something you don't. Her altissimo is par excellence. And she shreds saxophones apart like they’re made of cool whip. She’s a maker and a major gambler. She does her own taxes and has released multiple solo records, operas, theater projects, and new pieces with the bands she’s in: Popebama, Hypercube, New Thread Quartet, and thingNY. She plays solo shows and freelances with groups like the International Contemporary Ensemble, Wet Ink and Talea. Erin has made music with Dennis Sullivan, Paul Pinto, Gelsey Bell, and Craig Shepard.

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