Isabel Lepanto Geicher

When asked to write her own obituary, Izzy supplies: “Isabel Lepanto Gleicher died the way she lived: loudly, ungracefully, and wearing no less than three patterns. Born and raised in New York City, Isabel embodied the Upper West Side (it was rumored that if you looked deeply enough into her eyes, you would see a bacon egg and cheese freshly wrapped in that weird thin tin foil). I heard she was pretty good at basketball too.” We feel like this is bio enough. Izzy has played music by and with John Zorn, George Lewis, 50 Cent, Rebekah Heller, International Contemporary Ensemble, Sam Nester, Tara Helen O’Connor, Augusta Read Thomas, Steve Reich, Dai Fujikura, and Missy Mazzoli. Part aspiration, part pure talent, and part blazing fire: Izzy is a Gay Masters swimmer who can dunk. And even though she was runner up in the Libby Montana County Fair Axe Throwing Contest, we all know she’s going to win Survivor some day.

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