Jonah Levy

Trumpeter Jonah Levy nailed his 6th Grade recital. “All downhill from there,” he said “but, you know what, I think the most important thing we can do as muscians is to hold on to that piece of ourselves that still is a kid, and in a way, when we make music, we can give that spirit to other people.” Jonah has found happiness on any day that he gets to saddle up the horns and ride brazenly out into the world. His goals aren’t lofty but can play a high C for five minutes while circular breathing, and while the rest of us just stood there, the audience too, watching with jaws agape. Alex Ross once called Jonah “an assassin of the ordinary” for a solo he played off the edge of a highrise. Jonah has the rare distinction of being the only member of Wild Up to miss rehearsal because quote “I feel asleep in my car in Tucson, Arizona, so I’ll be late today” TWICE. He’s played in orchestras all over the world, he’s a session player, and a former cruise ship dude who’s made music with Barbara Streisand, with Klezmer greats Frank London and Susan Watts and with trumpeters William Mitchell, Jim Wilt, and Wynton Marsalis.

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