Linnea Powell

No one knows more about everyone than Linnea Powell. She is the village Wisdom. The Viola. The Master of Secrets. Linnea feels things strongly and hears the world loudly; she cares about everybody and is beloved by everyone. She aspires to listen, facilitate communication, and help her community grow. Linnea has the rare distinction, in the midst of a field of jesters, of being the funniest member of the band. And that’s not just like laughing all the time in rehearsal, it’s also: laughing on stage during shows. She’s half of Aperture Duo (the burningest Violin/Viola duo in America), she’s a hugetone hass on the viola, and she directed ViolaFest for three years, quote “combining my four loves: viola, education, leadership, and inclusion” which we don’t think was intended as a joke, but we’re not sure because we were not invited to ViolaFest. Her influences span from violist Jürgen Kussmaul, to zen chef Ed Brown, UCSC Feminist Studies prof. Bettina Aptheker, and her husband Noah.

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