Matt Barbier

Matt Barbier is fine with not knowing what he’s doing. He’s notably the scratchiest member of the band, sonically. When he’s not making his trombone scream magmatic hellscapes for us, he does that sidesaddle in his duo RAGE. Historically he’s blown split-tones on Philip Jones’s alphorn on a small village green with Sir Peter Maxwell Davies after closing down a pub, and made music with George Lewis, Michelle Lou, DanRae Wilson, Kevin Drumm, and Liza Lim. He’s nervous about this bio. About everything really. And while the coffee doesn’t help, the giggling does. He aspires to explore new modes of creating by farther and farther out exotic means, to build small moments in bell jars and boxes, to make less trash, and to mindfully walk his dog, Hari, up and down the street more often.

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