Richard Valitutto

For the sake of longevity Richard Valitutto wants us to tell you that he used to be dating two virgos, but now those virgos are only dating each other and not Richard. Truly. We’re not joking. His Aquarius sun says, "you're not allowed in here", but his Leo moon says, "do you like intensity? bring on the feels (also let's get wild)." That is a quote. He lives with a joyful open heart. Some would say, perhaps, too open. He supports people, brazenly, in music and life. He has battled a T-Rex with sound and won. He is our pianist. And he is the kind of guy that takes lots of notes about exactly what and how he’s allowed to do things to your piano, and then does all those things, exactly, and as hard as he can. He has a tacklebox full of blu-tack, nuts, bolts, and vibrators. And he is unafraid.

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