Ryan Darke

Ryan Darke is a winner. He plays the game of life hard, he always gives his best, and he has a dog named Pepper. Ryan has big ideas about embouchures. When he was a college Trumpet jock, he had like 50 dudes embouchure photos pasted all over his dorm room, I kid you not. He’s very good at tennis, he runs everyday and he’s in Ketosis right now. Ryan is the Principal Trumpet of LA Opera Orchestra. He’s our secondary backfield soloist (just because he’s so busy that Allen gets the job more often) which means we send Ryan to play in the rafters or to put on a troubadour costume or whatever. As a kid, Ryan was a screaming trumpet soloist for the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. Now he plays with incredible orchestras all over the world. He’s made music with Jim Wilt, Christoph Eschenbach, Bill VerMeulen, Chris Gekker, and Andrew Bain. He wants to help himself and help everyone around him reach their potential. And he does. He has a fitbit and he’s eager to use it. Ryan is our trumpet player.

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