Seth Olinsky

Seth Olinsky has a pink guitar. He’s the chillest, actually the chillest person we could imagine — his energy being the type that uplifts a room in curiosity. He’s composer and singer and guitarist and founder of the rock band Akron/Family as well as his rock n roll moniker, Cy Dune. He’s toured worldwide and played like every important festival everywhere. He writes music for movies, and games, tv, commercials, and his multi-band installation pieces called Band Dialogue. We are twice as surf rock because of Seth. He’s made music with Michael Gira, Rhys Chatham, William Parker, and Keiji Haino and a host of important directors and cinematographers too numerous to count. As the newest member of the band, when he wafts into the room, spreading desert vibes everywhere, his therapeutic presence changes us all into people that when we’re fighting, and we’re always fighting, we fight with the civility of a solitary burning cactus.

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