Seth Parker Woods

Seth Parker Woods is a powerhouse of care and thoughtfulness. A style icon, he is the leader of Wild Up’s fashion division, the chief of the patterned shirt, and head of knowing what’s good. Seth is a perfectionist, a cyclist, a chef, and a sommelier. Hailed by The Guardian as “a cellist of power and grace,” Seth has played music across the globe. He holds a doctorate, and wrote a dissertation on The Study of Physical Processes and the Performance of a Prosthetic Digital Spine. He’s made music with Elliot Carter, Ursula Oppens, Aldo Tambellini, Dame Shirley Bassey, and George Lewis, and tours his own projects ICED BODIES and Difficult Grace. He’s creator, teacher, collaborator, and mom’s chili recipe perfector all with equal zeal — though about the last one: he’s still wondering if she intentionally left some key ingredient out.

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