Shelley Washington

Shelley Washington is an agent of chaos. Not by accident, but by long hours of chaos effort, meticulous chaos design, and noisy chaos profession. Her dog Rodeo is also an agent of chaos (that’s right, double chaos) he has the biggest grandest smile, but don’t let that fool you — his bliss is chaos too. Shelley’s goal is to make as much noise with as many people as she can. And she has! Her notable noise makings and creativities include running a bunch of races pushing through a herniated disc, leaving a life of comfort to become a classical composer including a second Masters and PhD (in process!), keeping the same best friends for 25 years, joining an emo band (Good Looking Friends) and loving it, and writing music as part of her collective Kinds of Kings. She’s learned from her parents, Julia Wolfe, and her friends, she studied at Princeton, and teaches at NYU. She’s made music with the 37d03p family. And wants to specifically shout out here, to the “awful coworkers I had at my government job who made me realize ‘heck it’ I should pursue composing."

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