Stephen Pfeifer

While considered among the most clean-cut of our motley crew, when he’s asked, as he often is: “should this be an octave lower?” Stephen Pfeifer answers almost unequivocally: “Yes.” He’s an urban homesteader, a tomato gatherer, chicken coop builder, and he’s our double bassist. An incredible dad for Addison, and loving husband of Rebecca. He believes in us and we believe in him. He’s made music with Christoph Eschenbach, Herbert Blomstedt and Lang Lang, and he’s a constant session player in LA. For us, Steve’s a miracle worker, even when he’s playing on a bass that folds in half, in a moose lodge, in the backwoods of Montana ski-country, in the dead of winter: he makes that thing sing. It still sounded like cardboard, but it was singin cardboard.

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