david lang | anatomy theater

…Southwell and Timur are L.A.’s two most distinctive singers, and L.A.’s increasingly stellar new music ensemble, wild Up, conducted by Christopher Rountree, provided the highest possible wattage. “Off Grand” finally has its first complete triumph.

The innovative LA musical collective wild Up, under the direction of Christopher Rountree, provided a striking accompaniment that instantly engaged the audience, but never allowed them a single moment of sentimentality.

We made our LA Opera debut with this, the world premiere of david lang and Mark Dion’s anatomy theater.

Based on 18th-century texts, anatomy theater follows the grotesque epistemology behind the falling apart of an English murderess, and her life pulled through the evils of religion and misogyny. She confesses, is executed, and publicly dissected before a paying audience (the audience).


  • 06.16.2016 - 06.21.2016 David Lang anatomy theater
    LA Opera at REDCAT Los Angeles, CA More Info