Rest, an interactive performance installation, is a collaboration between experimental performance-maker Annie Saunders, composer Emma O’Halloran, and Wild Up. Rest looks at multi-sensory experience, the nature of consciousness, the suggestibility of the mind, ‘dopamine fasting’ and sensory deprivation, the piece gives a visceral opportunity to feel and consider what rest means in the modern world. Development and research will include interviews with consciousness experts to conversations with everyday folks talking about their earliest sense memories and their relationships with their smartphones. 

Annie Saunders is a multidisciplinary director and live artist, the founder and artistic director of site-specific performance company Wilderness. Her installation The Home for Domestic Violence Awareness Month won the UK APA awards for Best Experiential Campaign and Best Use of Technology for Good in 2020.

Irish composer and vocalist Emma O’Halloran freely interviews acoustic and electronic music, writing for folk musicians, chamber ensembles, turntables, laptop orchestra, symphony orchestra, film, and theatre.

In 2020 – 21 Rest is in residence at Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA. We begin with a digital residency in August 2020, then likely all together in the room at UCLA in Spring 2021.