…[R]aucous, grungy, irresistibly exuberant…this group’s boisterously theatrical sensibility…draws out the vitality in the works it plays. [A] fun-loving, exceptionally virtuosic family. On behalf of my fellow New Yorkers, I hope this was the ensemble’s first visit of many.

A giddy wind blew this ensemble, based in Los Angeles, eastward for its New York debut…boisterously theatrical and exuberantly talented.

A study of the west coast: experimentalism, pulse music, noise, punk rock, Los Angeles, and tumbleweeds.

The minimalism of Andrew Tholl, ambience of Andrew McIntosh and Chris Kallmyer, brutality of Jen Hill and Nick Deyoe. 
We explore the cult of the west, Morricone’s soundscapes of our past, three California Girls, and stillness through Brian Eno and Harold Budd.


  • 07.21.2012 WEST
    Hammer Museum Los Angeles, CA More Info
  • 10.20.2015 WEST.
    Roulette Brooklyn, NY More Info
  • 08.28.2016 WEST
    Carlsbad Music Festival Carlsbad, CA More Info
  • 08.29.2016 - 08.30.2016 WEST
    Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, CA More Info

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