Santa Ana Sites #4: Wild Up at the Santora

Santa Ana Sites #4: Wild Up at the Santora was a collaboration with Wild Up, the Colburn School, and composer Lisa Bielawa, presented by CSU Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center. For an evening, we took over the entire Santora Arts Building, performing two hours of dozens of micro concerts in 15 different spaces. It was about architecture, revitalizing old structures, making new ones, collaborating, and people being with people.

It was the music of Tenney, Ives, Machaut, Sun Ra, Eno, Budd, Chris Kallmyer, Andrew Tholl, Andrew McIntosh, Lisa Bielawa, Daniel Felsenfeld, Ornette Coleman, The Beach Boys, Katy Perry, Magnetic Fields, Deerhoof, The Dog Faced Hermans, and The Misfits among others, sometimes all happening at one time.

More on the Santa Ana Sites: The traveling forum is designed to provide the community of Santa Ana shared artistic experiences, encouraging the discovery of diverse environments and architectural space.