Sounds of the Farm | LACO Meet the Music

This was the first project to come out of a 3-year tenure as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s “Education Ensemble in Residence.” In this work, Wild Up and LACO delve into the sounds of the farm, from Beethoven to Cage to a new work by composer Chris Kallmyer.

In this video: Chris K. appears after the performance of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony (1st movementt). He interrupts the orchestra and audience of 4th graders to dispute Beethoven’s version of country life, and introduces a conflict into the program.

This program was created with generous support from the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, fall 2014. Written and conceived by Chris Kallmyer and Christopher Rountree. Video by Charlie Nordstrom. Sheep by Marcia Barinaga at Barinaga Ranch.