Support Your Hometown Band!

Wild Up and guest artists, April 2022
Wild Up and guest artists, April 2023

We know you love supporting our amazing local book, wine, coffee, and bread shops. But what about your hometown ensemble? If you’ve wanted to join the Wild Up community, the time is now! 

Earlier this year, Wild Up received an extraordinary gift that helped us launch our new series, Endless Season. This gift includes a $20,000 matching donation. 

Will you help us reach our $20,000 fundraising goal and show your love today? Your contribution, now until June 30, will be matched! AND for any donation over $200, we will send you a BRAND NEW Wild Up bag or hat (your choice) as a thank you! 

white tote bag with wild up logo in bright yellow green below one handle and a denim hat embroidered with the words "wild up"

Act now to double your dollars

Your contribution, now until June 30, will be matched (up to our $20,000 gift). For any donation over $200, select a Wild Up bag or hat as a thank you!


Here’s some of what we’ve done this year so far:

  • Hired 109 artists for 21 concerts in LA and on tour
  • Commissioned five new works for Endless Season
  • Recorded Vol. 3 of our critically acclaimed, GRAMMY®-nominated Julius Eastman Anthology (out June 16!) 

We are working on our next season and will announce a new slate of programming in September. For now, all we can say is that we are planning on bringing back everyone’s favorite drone music festival, Darkness Sounding (yes, the same one the New York Times calls “Sincere, Outdoorsy, Trippy, a Music Festival that Breaths Los Angeles.”) at the end of this year and have 18 concerts planned in LA, and eight concerts nationally. 

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to learn more about what’s ahead for Wild Up and how you can support your favorite hometown band!

Until then, thank you for all you do to show your love.

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