We’re thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Cline as our new Executive Director! ✨

photo by Maria Govea

From Elizabeth

I admire the pure optimism of Wild Up and the band’s commitment to making music to discover something beyond music. And I’m inspired by the group’s dedication to offering new and different perspectives. This organization feels like Los Angeles to me — a breadth of ideas, a depth of creativity, and wild with ambition. I want to help make Wild Up a place to which we all want to belong.

photo by Maria Govea

From Chris

A lifetime ago, Elizabeth gave Wild Up our first paid gig. Forty of them actually, over six months, in the reverberant marble spaces of The Hammer Museum. She has believed in us and has been part of our art-making since the very beginning. She is the kind of genius leader and creative friend who asks the hard questions and opens areas of thought, futures, and places unknown, to everyone around her. If the band’s first decade was about finding a new, Los Angeles, school of thought around making music, with Elizabeth at the helm, our second decade will be about finding the depths of application, permanence, and impact that Wild Up’s philosophy can reach.

From Wild Up’s President, Karen Molleson

At this unique moment, Wild Up is poised for a remarkable ascent. We have brilliant musicians, a fearless founder, dedicated board members, and brave audiences and patrons. With this team, the band has already created much amazing art over the past decade. Now Elizabeth Cline, an astute and experienced leader, blazing bright with creative vision, will guide us toward an even more stellar future.

Elizabeth has done incredible work with The Industry through her 8 year tenure as Executive Director there — if you’d like to read more, please take a look at their blog post here