Richard Valitutto

Recording Eastman at Sunset Sound

These photos by photographer / musician Jenna Putnam captured the hazy, elated feeling of our intense week in the studio in September 2019, while recording the works of Julius Eastman. Over three days at Sunset Sound, we made some of the first studio recordings ever of “Femenine,” “Joy Boy,”… Read More

Future Folk Trailer

From the second ever performance of Future Folk, this time in Brooklyn. A workshop of sorts. And still… With Future Folk, Wild Up creates a communal concert of sound/noise/experience that celebrates old-world ways of living in the modern era. Together we will explore the music from Ancient India, modern California,… Read More

Wild Up Conversations | Richard Valitutto on playing Messiaen

Richard Valitutto talks about performing Messiaen’s Oiseaux Exotiques on Ornithology at the Armory, January 14, 2012. Messiaen is one Richard’s favorite composers: the craft of composition, the spirituality, the intuitive musicianship. Richard discusses ins and outs of learning this concerto and the crows have something to say about this transcribed… Read More