We The People at The Clarice

Created by the team at The Clarice, this video encapsulates our “We The People” residency at the University of Maryland in 2018. Over the course of a week, we rehearsed side by side with music students on open score pieces, where agency and decision making matter most, and where every voice is heard. The University of Maryland students brought so much enthusiasm, bravery, and risk-taking to these projects, and working with them was a joy.

Outside of rehearsals and in Washington DC, we met with community members, familes, artists, and activists at Rhyzome DC for panels and discussions about political music, about listening to each other, and about activism. Together, we worked on postal pieces designed for everyone to perform, regardless of musical training. By the end of the week, we had all learned about empathy, agency, process, mindfulness, and so much more. Our final concert at MilkBoy ArtHouse featured works by Chris Kallmyer, Mandy Khan, James Tenney, Adrianne Pope, Louis Andriessen, John Lennon, and more.