We The People: A Residency

As artists, it is our responsibility to create works that help us find better ways of communicating with other people and deepen our understanding of the world. In We the People, Wild Up works in conversation with community members and students from all disciplines including art, music, theater, writing, public policy, law, the sciences, to create new works for anyone to perform: breaking down the barriers of traditional power structures in music making. Using the works of Pauline Oliveros and John Cage, we explore music as a tool for creating open-hearted deep listening and social change.Together we make music and create empathy, mindfulness, and increased individual action.

This residency functions as thesis and preparation for the work that happens during Future Folk. The students and community members we’ve worked with all week in the residency are invited to the final performance, and then invited to be part of it.


  • 10.13.2012 We the People
    Broad Stage Santa Monica, CA
  • 03.02.2016 Arts as Activism with Thornton Edge
    USC Los Angeles, CA More Info
  • 02.07.2018 - 02.11.2018 We the People
    Clarice Smith College Park, MD More Info
  • 03.01.2018 - 03.09.2018 We the People
    Cal State Northridge Northridge, CA More Info
  • 01.31.2019 - 02.02.2019 We the People
    Utah Presents Salt Lake City, UT More Info
  • 02.05.2019 - 02.08.2019 We the People
    Carolina Performing Arts Chapel Hill, CA More Info
  • 02.17.2019 - 02.22.2019 We the People
    The Green Center Sonoma, CA More Info
  • 09.16.2019 - 09.21.2019 We the People
    Moss Arts Center Virginia Tech, CA More Info

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