Future Folk

With Future Folk, Wild Up creates a communal concert of sound/noise/experience that celebrates old-world ways of living in the modern era. Together we will explore the music from Ancient India, modern California, post-war New York, and from American composers that envision a future form of music rooted in folk ethos. As moderns, we stand on the shoulders of the ancients. Their music changes us. Compels us to make and unites us in being. A secular ritual where the audience is indoctrinated into a cult of love and joy, that the band is already part of. By the end of the show, the entire audience is invited onto the stage and we all try to end the world together. In Future Folk, we become one.

Future Folk is:

you, us, dogs, richard serra, all of us, consciousness, fruit baskets, wicker, sexless Shakers, utopianists, pianists, free art, green grass, julius eastman, fruit pie, kisses, james tenney, old maple, banjos, nico, sycamore, hermann nitsch, red brick streets, live oak, blood rituals, moondog, dew, baseball, hot dogs, sundays with dad, john waters, japanese design, vlogging, yoko ono, fluxus, sleeping in, americana. . . .


  • 08.26.2016 from the Future Folk Workshop
    Carlsbad Music Festival Carlsbad, CA More Info
  • 06.24.2017 Future Folk
    National Sawdust Brooklyn, NY More Info
  • 02.01.2018 Future Folk
    Newman Center Denver, CO More Info
  • 02.03.2018 Future Folk
    Warren Miller Performing Arts Center Big Sky, MT More Info
  • 02.08.2018 Future Folk
    Purdue Convocations West Lafayette, IN More Info
  • 02.20.2018 Future Folk
    Shenandoah Conservatory Winchester, VA More Info
  • 03.17.2018 Future Folk
    The Wallis Beverly Hills, CA
  • 03.17.2018 Future Folk
    The Wallis Beverly Hills, CA More Info
  • 02.04.2019 Future Folk
    Carolina Performing Arts Chapel Hill, NC More Info
  • 02.22.2019 Future Folk
    The Green Center Sonoma, CA More Info
  • 09.20.2019 Future Folk
    Moss Arts Center Virginia Tech, CA More Info

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