Future Folk and We the People at The Green Center

We taught 800+ students of all ages during the week in the residency program called “We the People” and then invited them all on stage, with the rest of the audience, for our week-ending cult show “Future Folk.” For this version of Future Folk, we worked with 10 brilliant young musicians from the music department at Sonoma State, integrating them into Future Folk from top to bottom. These students blew us away. They challenged themselves in their creativity, rhythmic studies and counting, their openness to making work with unusual means, and with letting their humor develop on stage.

Photos of our workshop with Sonoma State students at the Green Center, a unique week of programming and workshops surrounding deep listening, making music together, making music untrained, music’s way of lighting our activist souls, thinking of classical music as a methodology in which we reach the heights of personal achievement, and also find ways to be with each other, listening to each other virtuosically as well.