of Ascension at The Soraya

Stills taken from our project “of Ascension” after the workshop premiere at The Soraya in Northridge, CA. The culmination of a few weeks of work, and a few months of thought about: the internet, how it connects us all, or maybe separates us, digital culture’s relationship with the afterlife, with joy, with heaven, and music about ecstasy and elevation. All set in space where the band uses video camera to surveil each other as we each take solos in search for our own meaning for our lives, or simply for an evening of music making.

Pieces by: Julius Eastman, John Coltrane, Brian Ferneyhough, Jen Hill, Weston Olencki, George Lewis, Oliver Messiaen, Ted Hearne, and Bjork weave together to create a aural foundation, a framework to hang these ideas on.