Good Vibrations | LACO Meet the Music

This was the third project to come out of a 3-year tenure as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s “Education Ensemble in Residence.” In this dream sequence, Adrianne has fallen asleep on stage and wakes up on a beach somewhere near Malibu with Linnea. Together, they uncover the secrets and science… Read More

Jodie Landau and Wild Up | as I wait for the lion

Jodie Landau’s album with Wild Up on Bedroom Community was the culmination of a year of work. An international musical collaboration between us and the Icelandic all-female choir Graduale Nobili, who recorded and toured with Björk. The project included a concert on August 30, 2014 at the historic Langholtskirkja… Read More

WEST at Roulette

A photo story of Wild Up’s performance of WEST. at Roulette in Brooklyn in 2016. Photos by Stephanie Berger. This was our first time on the road, our first time performing in NY. There were too many of us in one air bnb. It was a moment that now… Read More

Happy 4th of July from Wild Up | Nick Deyoe’s SSB #3

BBQ’s, dogs with frisbees, patriotism (the good kind), pie dishes gathering condensation just the moment that they leave the fridge, competition for competition’s sake, family, the family one chooses, whiskey sodas, a spare firework with grandpa, American brews, hot dogs like they mean it with mustard and pickle and tomato… Read More

Sounds of the Farm | LACO Meet the Music

This was the first project to come out of a 3-year tenure as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s “Education Ensemble in Residence.” In this work, Wild Up and LACO delve into the sounds of the farm, from Beethoven to Cage to a new work by composer Chris Kallmyer. In… Read More

Santa Ana Sites #4: Wild Up at the Santora

Santa Ana Sites #4: Wild Up at the Santora was a collaboration with Wild Up, the Colburn School, and composer Lisa Bielawa, presented by CSU Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center. For an evening, we took over the entire Santora Arts Building, performing two hours of dozens of micro concerts in… Read More

At the Natural History Museum: Gnarwhallaby and a Dino

This actually happened. We can usually expected the unexpected at Wild Up shows, no matter how many times we sage smudge the room beforehand. But this was the first (and definitely only) time that a prehistoric reptile rushed the stage. At times it felt like he was our biggest fan,… Read More

Pauline OLIVEROS: Nubian Word for Flowers

FIRST TAKE | Wild Up and the Industry In 2013, we partnered with The Industry opera company to workshop a half dozen new works by composers, including: David Brynjar Franszon, Aaron Siegel, and Ellen Reid (workshopping the work that would develop into Ellen’s Pulitzer Prize winner opera “p r i… Read More

WEST at the Hammer Museum

In 2012, we were the first Orchestra in Residence at a Museum (ever as far as we’re aware). We moved into the courtyard at the Hammer Museum in Westwood and begin a massive six month residency, full of forty plus events, all free to the public, including West. A study… Read More

Wild Up Conversations | Chris Rountree on Ornithology and the Rehearsal Process

Christopher Rountree talks about the rehearsal process and idea behind “Ornithology.” The music of: Messiaen, Ferneyhough, Charlie Parker and Andrew Bird. World premieres by: Mark Menzies, Chris Kallmyer, Christopher Rountree, Archie Carey, Michael Shapiro, and Richard Valitutto. Ornithology, January 14th, 2012 at The Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena… Read More

Wild Up Conversations | Richard Valitutto on playing Messiaen

Richard Valitutto talks about performing Messiaen’s Oiseaux Exotiques on Ornithology at the Armory, January 14, 2012. Messiaen is one Richard’s favorite composers: the craft of composition, the spirituality, the intuitive musicianship. Richard discusses ins and outs of learning this concerto and the crows have something to say about this transcribed… Read More

Wild Up Conversations | Brian Walsh on playing Ferneyhough

Brian Walsh speaks about playing Brian Ferneyhough’s clarinet concerto “La chute d’Icare”. A death-defying feat of acrobatics and counting and control. Brian is one of the most well rounded musicians any of us can imagine, he can read anything and perform with flexibility in situations wherein most people would be… Read More