Richard Valitutto

For the sake of longevity Richard Valitutto wants us to tell you that he used to be dating two virgos, but now those virgos are only dating each other and not Richard. Truly. We’re not joking. His Aquarius sun says, “you’re not allowed in here”, but his Leo moon says,… Read More

Christopher Rountree

Sprung from the California soils like so many avocados and so much sage brush, Chris Rountree keeps his books stacked on the floor in an easily accessible way that lends an inspiring, bohemian feel to the room. Our Artistic Director, conductor, and “surprise let’s do all sorts of new things,… Read More

Mona Tian

We trust Mona Tian with our lives. She can’t perform a tracheotomy, but she can pick the correct place to eat, in seemingly any circumstance on any city on earth, and it’s always the right place. She’s dedicated her life saving elephants in Africa, and perfecting homemade gelato. She’s played… Read More

Ryan Darke

Ryan Darke is a winner. He plays the game of life hard, he always gives his best, and he has a dog named Pepper. Ryan has big ideas about embouchures. When he was a college Trumpet jock, he had like 50 dudes embouchure photos pasted all over his dorm room,… Read More

mattie barbier

Matt Barbier is fine with not knowing what he’s doing. He’s notably the scratchiest member of the band, sonically. When he’s not making his trombone scream magmatic hellscapes for us, he does that sidesaddle in his duo RAGE. Historically he’s blown split-tones on Philip Jones’s alphorn on a small village… Read More

Erin Mckibben

Erin McKibben is our flutist and has been since the beginning. Erin is forever exploring her low register and she’s played an intimate alto flute solo for James Franco in a limousine. She’s also played with 100+ flutes which, if you’re counting, is kind of a lot of flutes. More… Read More

Matt Cook

Matthew Cook loves Lebron. He was born, to Harry and Brenda Cook, on a freezing January Oklahoma morning, one hour and eighteen minutes into the year that he was born (a year that he doesn’t want us to tell to you) and was almost immediately a real piece of work. Read More